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Fee Guide

Proud of our reputation for friendly and caring dentistry, we operate an open and honest pricing policy at Newland Dental Practice. Should you therefore require any treatment during your visit to us, we will always provide you with a choice of treatment options, a written treatment plan and the opportunity to ask any questions or queries you may have.

Please find below a guide to our fees for our most common private dental treatments:

Examination Fee
New Patient Dental Examination £60.00
Routine Dental Examination £40.00
Small X-ray £10.00
Large (OPT) X-ray £35.00
Hygiene Fee
Dentist Ultrasonic Scale and Polish £25.00
Hygienist Appointment (including Preventive Care and Advice) £45.00
Fillings Fee
Amalgam Filling (Silver) £50.00 - £80.00
White (Tooth Coloured) Fillings £60.00 - £90.00
Crowns Fee
Porcelain Bonded to Precious Metal Crown £350.00
All-Ceramic Crown £400.00
Gold Crown £375.00
Fibre Post £65.00
Cast Metal Post £95.00
Veneers and Inlays Fee
Porcelain Veneer £295.00
Gold Inlay £240.00
Cosmetic White Inlay £280.00
Bridges Fee
Porcelain Bonded to Precious Metal Bridge (per Unit) £300.00 - £350.00
All-Ceramic Bridge (per Unit)  £345.00
Dentures Fee
Complete Set of Dentures (Upper and Lower) £625.00
Single Complete Denture £415.00
Partial Dentures (per Denture) £340.00
Chrome Denture (Metal Base) (per Denture) £625.00
Reline £75.00
Tooth addition or clasp (per Tooth) £75.00
Extraction Fee
Simple Tooth Extraction £80.00
Surgical Tooth Extraction £150.00
Teeth Whitening Fee
Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit (with individually made Trays and professional Whitening Gels) £250.00
1 x Syringe Refill of Whitening Gel £30.00
Prevention Fee
Coloured Spots Mouthguard (up to 2 different colours) £60.00
Fissure Sealant £30.00
Anti Snoring Device £400.00
Dental Implants Fee
Assessment with Dentist (including X-rays) £80.00
Single Dental Implant £2,300.00

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